Chapter 4

The ghost town Pripyat. Just 3 km west from the power plant is the place where all the engineers were living with their families. The average age in Pripyat was 26 years - young city with young soul. Right before the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident around 50.000 citizens were living their dream lives here. After that, the most modern city in Soviet Union was evacuated in couple of days. People were said to take personal belongings only for 3 days. But they never came back...

Pripyat Main Square

Pripyat Main Square 3D SBS

In this chapter you will walk thru Pripyat's streets where you can check the "panel" houses. These pre-fabricated buildings are so typical for former Soviet Union and states of eastern block. But here in Pripyat, unlike in the other housing estates, you can feel the space around you. Everything is much further than normally, especially in the part around the main square. Nowadays you cannot realise it so clear because of the growing trees but you can see it on photos from the time before the explosion of Block 4 in 1986. There, in the Pripyat river swamps, in the middle of nowhere, was enough of why not to use it. During the virtual walkthrough you will also visit basic school and the famous Pollisya Hotel placed in the very center of Pripyat - at the main square.

Actual Movie Screenshots

If you can handle "parallel-viewing" method, you can check the following images and see them in 3D.

Pripyat Streets 3D SBS

Pripyat Streets 3D SBS

Pripyat Basic School 3D SBS

Polissya Hotel 3D SBS

Polissya Hotel 3D SBS

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