Chapter 3

This chapter brings you at miscellaneous interesting places in The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The first steps follow at The Pripyat Cemetery - dangerous and highly radiated area. Paradoxically the cemetery is very well preserved. Authorities of The Zone allow bereaved people to come here, spend some time with their deceased relatives and take care about the graves. But the hidden danger of this place is always present... Here, beside the rest of Pripyat, the upper layer of soil (covered by highly radioactive fallout) wasn't removed by liquidators.

Skazochniy (fairy tail) Summer Camp is another place displayed in this chapter. Kids of the Chernobyl NPP workers had been spending summer holidays here. Everything was set up for the highest possible comfort - children were actually accomodated in panel buildings in the middle of the forest. Who can brag about such a childhood?

Pripyat Dock Cranes

Pripyat Dock Cranes 3D SBS

Huge cargo Dock Cranes stand and protect Pripyat's river city gates like mythical guardians. Many decades weren't used but their metal skeleton is still sturdy, just covered by surface rust. One can get sick from going down from the steep stairs...

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was planned to be the biggest nucear plant on the planet. Soviets had plans for extending it to have 8 blocks in total. Four blocks were fully operational, another 2 blocks - Block 5 and Block 6 - were in construction in 1986, when the disaster happened. Few shots bring you next to the unfinished Blocks 5 and 6 at the abandoned construction site.

Actual Movie Screenshots

If you can handle "parallel-viewing" method, you can check the following images and see them in 3D.

Pripyat Cemetery 3D SBS

Skazochniy Summer Camp 3D SBS

Skazochniy Summer Camp 3D SBS

Pripyat Dock Cranes 3D SBS

Unfinished Blocks 5 and 6 3D SBS

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