Classic 2D

Documentary movie Chernobyl 3D 2016 is available even in classic 2D version. To be honest, the viewer's experience of classic 2D format is not so entertaining as in fully 3D since it was shooted from the first scratch as a 3D movie. But this format is perfect if you want to enjoy watching the documentary with your friends all together and don't have enough of 3D technology devices for all of you.

Duga 1 Anti-misile Radar

Priypat from above

Video format details

  • FullHD resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 29,97 frames per second
  • duration 58 minutes
  • file size 6,3 GB
  • sound format AAC
  • bit rate 15 Mbps

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For $9.99 on Gumroad. The price excludes VAT.

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