Side-by-side 3D

Side-by-side (SBS) 3D is a standard format for displaying stereoscopic three-dimensional video. It consists from two separate video channels (left and right, one for each eye) placed next to each other in horizontal position. The image of each channel has horizontal deformation to half of it's original width. Then both channels side by side to each other can fit in standard 16:9 video format. All 3D televisions are ready to play such a movie and display it in three dimensions.

You can play 3D SBS film also on mobile VR headset (like Google Cardboard or any other) with use of special video player application which is capable to play 3D side by side video files. There are many of such applications available for Android and iPhone. Unfortunately I haven't found any player like this for Windows Mobile/Phone (I am a WM user). In this case you can check full-width format for classic mobile video players.

Pripyat 3D SBS

Pripyat Dock Cranes 3D SBS

Download & Test

If you are not sure whether your device is able to play this 3D format, download the trailer and try it first! The video file 3D format is identical to the paid full version.

Video format details

  • FullHD resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 29,97 frames per second
  • duration 58 minutes
  • file size 5,9 GB
  • sound format AAC
  • bit rate 15 Mbps

Buy & Download

For $9.99 on Gumroad. The price excludes VAT.

Buy now 3D SBS version!

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